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  • New 40K terminators to paint!

    Earlier today I was at the hobby store looking at the Warhammer 40K model kits.  As usual they had Land Raiders, various dreadnoughts, and plain old Space Marine squads.  But they also had a few boxes of Terminator squads.  These have always been special to me since they are what got me into 40K in the first place, so when I saw that they had them in stock, I had to pick them up.

    So now I have a set of Terminators to paint once my Veteran Squad is finished.  Eventually I plan to use these on the table top, but as of yet, I don’t have enough figures.  I still need to get some standard Space Marine squads, and also paint up some terrain.  But eventually I plan to use these for actual gameplay.

    Another thing I have to do is choose which Space Marine chapter I’m going to focus on.  So far I’ve been painting Dark Angel chapter marines (as seen on the left) since they’re one of the first ones I knew about thanks to the original Space Hulk video game.  They’re an extremely secretive chapter where only the top ranks know the truth of their tumultuous past, and they seem to have a fondness for wearing white robes over their armor.  But as much as I like them, I’m not sure if I actually want to play them on the table top.

    Another chapter that I’ve become quite fond of is the Mantis Warriors.  These are a descendent of the White Scars chapter by way of the Mauraders.  Their tactics seem to be based more on hit and run, guerilla warfare, and misdirection, which they’ll use to avoid major combat until they’re in a position where they can unleash their full force all at once.  So basically, exactly how I play RTS games.  It’s these tactics, combined with their interesting history and the fact that not many people know about them, that have gotten me interested in them.

    That being said, my plan is to paint these new Terminators I bought today as Mantis Warriors, which should turn out like the picture on the right.  Later on down the line I’ll chose which chapter I want to focus on first for the table top, and I’ll just keep the other chapter’s models around as display pieces.  Which is actually part of why I paint these things in the first place :-P