Partition 36 Music Encoder Tool

Partition 36 Music Encoder Tool is basically a fancy wrapper script around  lame, flac, and oggenc.  It takes WAV files in the source directory and encodes them into various output directories.  It can also performs tagging, based on parsed filename information and some of the other variables, as well as sample and bit rate changes via Sox.

I’m honestly not sure how useful this will be to other people, but it makes my life much easier when I’m working on music.


Partition 36 Music Encoder Tool works on the idea of “projects”.  These are simply a pre-defined directory structure that holds the source WAV files.  To create a new project, do this:

[alexa@misato ~]$ ./p36-music-encoder-tool -P awesome-new-album

This will create a new project in the awesome-new-album directory.  Your WAV files should then be put in awesome-new-album/new-waves.

To do some encoding, you would do something like this:

[alexa@misato ~]$ ./p36-music-encoder-tool -p awesome-new-album --no-ogg -S -T --keep-resampled

This tells the script to use the awesome-new-album directory as the project, and to encode everything except Ogg Vorbis files.  The -S option means that the WAV files should be processed with Sox, which by default means resampling to 44.1KHz and converting the bit depth to 16-bits.  -T means to only work on files that need updating, and --keep-resampled means the WAV files that get sent through Sox will be dumped in the output-files/resampled-waves folder.

There’s a bunch of other options as well, including options for tagging.  These are IMPORTANT because they’re preset to tag files for Partition 36.  In the future, this will be changed and they won’t default to Partition 36 tags.  Tagging is done automatically by default though, and the script expects files to be in one of the two following formats:

  • [track num] – [title].wav
  • [title].wav

Note the single space on each side of the hyphen in the first format.  To see the other options, just pass --help to the script.


Partition 36 Music Encoder Tool is under the GPLv3 license.


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