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  • Doom Section Added

    Making levels for Doom has been a hobby of mine since the mid ’90s when the game first game out. Very few of my levels have ever been released, but the ones that have can now be found here: http://alexa.partition36.com/doom/

    In particular, I’m especially proud of “Extreme Terror”, a massive level I finished just last month.  Bo be sure to check that one out!

  • Astrotron 2284

    So… I’ve been doing something rather interesting and in the shadows lately… I’ve been writing my own video game: Astrotron 2284!  The game is still VERY early in development, but basically it’s going to be a semi-clone of one of my favorite classic games, Cybernoid.

    Along with the game will come a new editor for levels (based on my work-in-progress Rise of the Triad editor, RottEU, which hasn’t seen the light of day yet), as well as an editor for a data format I made called a “Sack”.  These are basically a more advanced version of Doom’s WAD files.  Unlike WADs, Sacks can store more entries (probably a bit more than 18 quintillion), and each entry has a small amount of metadata (a “type” and a textual note).  Parts of the Sack file are also compressed with GZip to save a bit of space.  Unlike the game, the Sack-Editor is already usable.

    The source code for the game and editor is here and as usual, is under the GPLv3.  Tomorrow (well… probably tomorrow) I’ll upload a tarball/zip file of the editor’s binary as well.