Astrotron 2284

So… I’ve been doing something rather interesting and in the shadows lately… I’ve been writing my own video game: Astrotron 2284!  The game is still VERY early in development, but basically it’s going to be a semi-clone of one of my favorite classic games, Cybernoid.

Along with the game will come a new editor for levels (based on my work-in-progress Rise of the Triad editor, RottEU, which hasn’t seen the light of day yet), as well as an editor for a data format I made called a “Sack”.  These are basically a more advanced version of Doom’s WAD files.  Unlike WADs, Sacks can store more entries (probably a bit more than 18 quintillion), and each entry has a small amount of metadata (a “type” and a textual note).  Parts of the Sack file are also compressed with GZip to save a bit of space.  Unlike the game, the Sack-Editor is already usable.

The source code for the game and editor is here and as usual, is under the GPLv3.  Tomorrow (well… probably tomorrow) I’ll upload a tarball/zip file of the editor’s binary as well.

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